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Corrupted RAF Recovery Due to Yourconnectivity.net Virus
about 3 years ago

“Few days before, my PC got infected with a file encoder virus due to unwanted redirections of Yourconnectivity.net redirect virus to spamming sites. I never expected that a redirect virus would create such huge problem. In fact, I had no idea that my PC has been infected with file encoder virus too. Hence, I connected my Fujifilm Finepix X-E1 Mirrorless Camera to my computer through USB cable. Next, what I saw was unbelievable – all of my RAF images were corrupted. I tried every possible methods to read those image files but I couldn't succeed. Now I'm looking for a better solution to recovery corrupted RAF images.”



What is RAF?


Fuji digital camera captures images in RAF file format. Unlike PNG OR JPEG, RAF images can't be printed or used by photo editors because they haven't passed necessary processing yet. In simple word, RAF images is just like analogous negatives. You must have known about analog negatives which contains all necessary details that make a perfect image. Apparently, RAF format files are stored in header file and it includes contrast and saturation settings, color temperature as well as sharpening level with technical characteristics of the camera. You should also note that RAF represents a whole bunch of raw formats known for today, such as ERF, CR2, MEF, MOS, PEF, ORF etc.


All higher grade cameras save all the settings without applying any JPEG or TIFF format settings, so that photographers can save RAF files on a Computer and make all the processing manually with ease. However, while saving RAF files onto your computer, your RAF file could get corrupted, If your system is infected with file encoder virus. To recover .raf format files, you should read the article to an end cautiously. Deleted RAF recovery instruction is explained below:


Corrupted RAF Recovery User Guide For Windows Users


Step 1: Download and install the Corrupted RAF Recovery software. Launch it and click on Data Recovery tab and then click Scan button in the bottom right corner to undelete Raf files

Step 2: Now you see pop up Window, showing the list of all the medias attached to the affected System. Select the media from the data is to be recovered and click on the Advance scan button /scan button.





Step 3: Advanced scan button always saves the time of scan and recovery. 




Step 4:Here you can select the format of the lost files from the list. 



Step 5: Corrupted RAF Recovery software takes few minutes to complete scanning process. By paying close attention, you can see the status the scanning process.





Step 6: Following successful scanning, the preview of the Corrupted RAF data will be shown on the the same window. Click on the Recover button and specify the destination where you want to save the recovered RAF files and then tap on OK button to continue.






Corrupted RAF Recovery User Guide For Mac Users


Step 1: First, install Corrupted RAF Recovery software onto your Mac PC then open it and go to Data Recovery Tab and click Start Scan button.




Step 2: A new window will appear now where all of your drives/volumes will be listed. Now you need to select the drive/volume where Corrupted RAF files are present and click Advanced Scan button.



Step 3: In Advanced Scan, the list of file formats will be shown, there you need to select RAF format and then click Scan button to move toward next step.



Step 4: Next, what you see is scanning progress stats. Here, you can also see the preview of recovered RAF images.


Step 5: Now you need to select recovered RAF format file that you need to recover then click Recover button present in bottom right corner. Next, select the location where you want save your recovered files and click Continue.





Note: "Free Version of RAF Recovery software only allows you to preview your recoverable RAF format files, you will not able to save those files to destination folder. Though, you must know that you have to purchase its licensed version to take advantages of recovery facility."




"Hi, my name's Duke Logan from Los Angeles, I have Fuji Digital Camera which I use for capturing photos. Couples of week ago, I returned from a vacation. During vacation I captured so many images of my memorable moments. I don't know what happened, when I connected my camera to my PC to save RAF images for further processing, all of them become corrupted without any warning or alert. I was so worried because I was about loss all of my vacation images. However, I searched online for solution. I came across to this site and found Corrupted RAF Recovery users guide here. The guideline helped me to get back my all Corrupted RAF files back. Thanks Admin!!"

Duke Logan  

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1. Go to the upper-right corner of the Firefox window, then click the Firefox menu button, after that select on the “Help” button.


4. Continuously click on the “Refresh Firefox” button in the new confirmation window that opens.


2. Go for the Help menu, select Troubleshooting Information. If you are not able to access the Help menu, then type about support in your address bar to bring up the Troubleshooting information page.


3. Click the “Refresh Firefox” button which is associated in the upper-right corner of the “Troubleshooting Information” page.


5. Now, Mozilla Firefox will close itself and will revert to its default settings. When it’s done, a window will list the information that was imported. Then click on the “Finish” button.


Now, Yourconnectivity.net remove on the PC. But If you are still facing same problems then you will use its automatically removal tools to permanently remove Yourconnectivity.net from the PC.


                                                    Download Yourconnectivity.net Scanner

Overview On Yourconnectivity.net


Yourconnectivity.net is belongs to Adware/ShortcutHijacker family of browser hijackers. it modifies browser settings, such as search engine, homepage and new tab and infects browser shortcuts. It get inside your PC silently and set the homepage and search engine for your web browser to http://yourconnectivity.net. It has ability to take over your all popular browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. browser hijacker also promote malicious software disguised as legitimate. When you make a search on browser, it can adds sponsored links to the search results and displays lots of pop-ups, banners and in-text links and also showing some discounts, coupons and deals. your browser may start to redirect you to possibly unknown, thus shady-looking web pages, whenever you try to open a website.


Distribution Method Of Yourconnectivity.net


Yourconnectivity.net usually comes bundled with freeware software programs. So downloading and installing files from unknown web sources can be dangerous, and it is extremely important to be careful. Because untrustworthy websites tend to advertise bogus software updates that are bundled with several harmful programs even the browser hijacker. If user download any freeware application from unknown sites then the browser hijacker silently invade the PC. Other intrusion method of the browser hijacker-


  •  Using infected media device.
  •  Torrent file sharing network.
  •  Opening junk email attachments.
  •  Clicking or visiting unofficial sites.
  •  Using outdated anti-virus programs.

Rogues Activities Of Yourconnectivity.net


When Yourconnectivity.net stays for a long time in your computer then it can easily gather your all confidential data such as username, PIN number, IP address, username, password and more. These details send to hackers for commercial purpose. Every-time when you visit online, you may get redirect other malicious sites. Several types of unwanted ads always display on your computer every-time. It has the ability to corrupt your Windows registry and make your most of computer programs disable. This hijacker can drop more other malicious threat into your computer without your consent. Apart from these, it can also deleted your stored RAF files Your browser display lots of fake pop-ups and ads. So, it is very important to remove Yourconnectivity.net from the infected PC as soon as possible.


Manual Removal Instruction About Yourconnectivity.net From Mozilla Firefox